How long has Vanuatu been an independent state?

Vanuatu has been a full and sovereign state since July 30, 1980.

Is Vanuatu Investment Solutions an official agent under Vanuatu citizenship program?

Vanuatu Investment Solutions is listed as a licensed agent on the official state website:

In addition, all company licenses are posted in the “About Us” section of this site.

How long has the Vanuatu Citizenship Program been in operation?

The Vanuatu DSP has been operating since 2017.

Where can I fly without visas with a Vanuatu passport?

The list of visa-free countries includes about 130 countries and territories including all countries of the Schengen space, Great Britain, Russia, Singapore). With a Vanuatu passport, you can issue long-term visas to the United States, Canada and Australia.

Can I fly to the Schengen countries with a Vanuatu passport?

Yes, taking into account the general situation with the COVID-19 and the country of departure.

How long can you stay in the Schengen countries with a Vanuatu passport?

Not more than 90 days during each half-year.

Can I work in the Schengen countries with a Vanuatu passport?


Can I fly to the USA or Canada with a Vanuatu passport?

Only after receiving a US or Canadian visa.

What are the advantages of Vanuatu Investment Solutions?

  • Our company is a direct licensed agent and officially authorized by the Vanuatu government. You do not deal with the intermediary and do not incur additional costs.
  • We specialize and work with the Vanuatu citizenship program only.
  • We inform the client about each stage of his application and provide official documental evidence for each step.

How quickly can I get a Vanuatu passport?

1 month.

Who can apply for Vanuatu passport?

Citizens of any country are welcome to participate in the Vanuatu DSP. However citizens Iran, Iraq, Yemen, North Korea, Syria are required to provide residency for 5 years in another country.

What are the preliminary checks for the candidates and who make them?

Candidates for Vanuatu citizenship are checked according to the documents provided by them and public sources of information. It is conducted by the Vanuatu Financial Intelligence.

How much cost preapproval (FIU clearance)?


How much is preapproval in case there are few family members in the application?

$5,000 as it is paid solely for the main applicant.

To which account I pay?

To the official designated agent (Vanuatu Investment Solutions) account with the National Bank of Vanuatu. We provide proof of payment (bank statement) after funds are credited.

Who can be included in Vanuatu passport application of the main investor?

Spouse, children of both spouses (including those from previous marriages) up to 25 years old, parents of both spouses from 50 years old.

Which document suits best as an asset report?

Title deed, property ownership document or  bank deposit statement – for the minimum amount of $250,000.

Is Vanuatu citizenship inherited by the applicant's children born after obtaining a Vanuatu passport?

Yes, subject to simple formalities and payment of official state duties.

Is it possible to apply directly for a passport to the Government of Vanuatu?

No, applications are submitted only through licensed agents, a list of which is posted on the official website of the Vanuatu Citizenship Commission

Is it necessary to fly to Vanuatu during the application process or after granting passport?


Is it necessary to take oath of allegiance?

Yeah, it’s a mandatory procedure.

Shall I give fingerprints?

No, you don’t, as the Vanuatu passport is machine-readable one. It is not biometric otherwise you should go to Vanuatu for fingerprints.

What does the oath of allegiance look like?

In connection with the coronavirus, the oath is taken remotely (Skype/Zoom/messengers) and consists in the fact that the approved applicants repeat the text of the oath, consisting of one phrase, for the authorized commission. Then the text of the oath is signed. The whole procedure takes about 10 minutes.

Should I pay taxes in Vanuatu after granting citizenship?


How many years Vanuatu passport is valid for?

10 years.

How can I renew my expired Vanuatu passport?

Via one of the Vanuatu Embassies or Consulates worldwide by your own efforts. Or via Vanuatu Investment  Solutions for extra cost.

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